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  1、原因:because, because of, as, since, owing to, due to, thanks to, for this reason

  2、表明:reveal, report , found, suggested, postulate, proposed, indicate, have shown that, implicated, assume, states, demonstrated, considered as,validated,identified, demonstrating, show, displayed, revealed

  3、旨在:aim to, with the aim to, the purpose of this study is to, to address the genetic burdens, to better understand the association, to test for the presence of sample or data, testing and verification of the presence, to overcome this limitation; to study, to investigate, to verify

  4、导致:lead to, result in, is attributed to, cause, contribute to, contribute to, driven by, induced, in response to

  5、常见:the most common form of, make it one of the most common

  6、本研究:in this work, in this test, our work, our present study, in this context, current research, our study, here, in this study, these data, these observations, these results

  7、之前的研究:previous studies, as previously described, from previously published studies, deciphered using the framework developed by previously, using previously described expression profiles

  8、少数:only a small percentage, the limited number, several

  9、进一步研究:selected for further investigation, further sudies, further exploration, subsequent analysis

  10、实验结果:these findings, these results, these experiments, these models; these findings, these results suggest that, these experiments, further studies, in the analyses of data from; summarize the results

  11、 不足:lacking, challenging even, remain poorly understood, have been difficult to, there is no clear indication, has not yet been fully investigated, despite these advances, it can be difficult to infer, it is unknown whether, little is known about

  12、解释原因:be largely explained by, mainly because of, due mainly to, caused by, is an important factor, a key factor, a result of, part of the reason for their discovery was that, is the major cause of, a major source for, the result of

  13、举例:such as, for example, for instance, in another example

  14、与......有关:are (strongly) associated with, correlated with, related to, provides a key link

  15、总结:overall, eventually, consequently, in summary, in a word, as a result, together, collectively, thus, hence, consequently, on the whole, in conclusion, to sum up, in brief, to conclude, to summarize, in short, briefly






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