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  Dear Prof. ×××:

  Sorry for disturbing you. I am not sure if it is the right time to contact you to inquire about the status of my submitted manuscript titled “Paper Title”.(ID: 文章稿号), although the status of “With Editor” has been lasting for more than two months, since submitted to journal three months ago. I am just wondering that my manuscript has been sent to reviewers ornot?

  I would be greatly appreciated if you could spend some ofyour time check the status for us. I am very pleased to hear from you on the reviewer’s comments.

  Thank you very much for your consideration.

  Best regards!

  Yours sincerely,


  Corresponding author:

  Name: ×××

  E-mail: ××××@××××


  Dear Dr. XX

  Editor-in-Chief, ( Journal’s name)



  I hope this letterfinds you well. I am writing to inquire regarding our manu, " (title)", manunumber (xxx-xx).

  The submission ofthe manu took place on ( enter date) and it has been over Xmonths since we have received any updateregarding its status.

  We would be verythankful if an update regarding the current status could be provided or atimeframe for an expected result of the review.

  Thank you in advancefor your time and effort dedicated to the matter.

  With Kind Regards,

  ( enter name)

  ( enter institution)

  ( enter contact details)


  Dear editor,

  I'm not sure if it is the right time to contact you to inquire about the status of my submitted manuscript. My manuscript, ........... (......), has been submitted to your journal on MAR. 25 20xx. The status of " under review " for my manuscript has been lasting for approximately five monthes. I would be grateful if you could let me know any further information about my manuscript at your earliest convenience.

  With best regards!

  Yours sincerely



  Dear Dr. XXXXXXX,

  We submitted a manuscript (manuscript ID) to “XXXX journal” on X-X-X. You are the executive editor. We have not, yet, received any comment or decision about the submission. Please let us know any further information of the reviewing process at your earliest convenience. Many thanks!

  Sincerely yours, XXXXXXXXXXX


  Dear professor XXX,

  We submitted the paper ( entitled “XXXXXX” to you for publication in the XXXXX three months ago. Could you give us an update on the current status of our submission? Any information will be greatly appreciated.Thank you very much for your consideration.With best regards

  Sincerely yours,XXXXX






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